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Online Travel Specialist Career Path

Career Overview

As a Travel Specialist we are agents that takes care of all travel needs. We are able to provide you assistants in booking all your personal and/or business trips, either directly with us or on one of our self booking search engines. We have access to all well known vendors, which allow us to do bookings for; hotels, car rentals, cruise lines, airlines, destinations trips, group trips, individuals trips and many more.


Whatever your client need our goal is to provide them a relaxing and fun getaway.

Benefits Of Working Online With Us

1. Up to 85% Travel Commission.

2. The ability to save 15-95% on your personal travels with your own Wholesale Travel Membership.

3. Access to earning reward credits (just like cash).

4. Your own Concierge.

5. 150% price match guarantee.

6. Earning an income in 3 avenues.

7. Online Training and Ongoing support,

8. Home-Base Business Tax Shelter.

9. Virtual back Office and All company websites included.

10. A great Referral Program to take advantage of and get paid extra. Earning additional unlimited $1,000 & $10,000 bonuses.


Income Potential Part-time or Full time

 Simple Example of Income Potential:

Sell 50 cruise cabins/$99 per person

Cruise #1: Fare $407, Commission $65.12 pp, Agent fee $50 pp

Total Commission $11,3963.88

Now Commission  x 4 Trips (minimum a year)

****** $45,587.52 ******

Welcome! Nice to meet you.

My name is Janielle Saddler-Barnett,

the Travel Specialist of this wonderful Online Travel Agency! I am looking for determined, fun, honesty and people oriented individuals in joining me and becoming a Certified Online Travel Specialist. The goal of my opportunity is to provide you with hands on training and access to work as an independent Home-base Travel Specialist. Which in turn going to put you in a position to Change your life and the Lives of others worldwide.

Online Career Path & Membership Registration.

Save More, Earn More & Travel More

Are you passionate about travel? Do you like to help others? Gain great perks and free trips? Are you open to earning MONEY online or/and at home?


Then Being part of our team is a great way to do so, it gives you all that plus more. It's your time to grab your membership and be apart of this exclusive community. 

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