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Why It's Great To Use A Travel Agent?

Why Use a Travel Agent ?

Being a Travel Agent isn't for everyone. It takes a financial commitment, time commitment, and tremendous effort to build a successful travel business and keep it thriving. Whether a home based travel agent or storefront, We as professional Agents are:

  • Highly trained and have a full corporate team working for them

  • Convinced that personal service and relationship still matter

  • Committed to their business and customers

Who are we? We are agents in your community, each agent is the CEO of his or her own business. This gives them tremendous incentive and flexibility to spend as much time as needed with each customer. Developing long term relationships is a core goal of every agent.

Having access to a host travel agency, can be a great benifit and provides hundreds of top suppliers to choose from. Our host agency has preferred contracts with all of the top suppliers such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Air Canada, West Jet, United Airlines Vacations, Fun Jet Vacations, Apple Vacations, Disney, and many, many others. From booking simple domestic and international flights, to all types of complex travel such as vacation packages, cruises, and even groups and business travel, A professional travel agents can do it all. Each travel agent, with the backing and support of our corporate employees, is 100% committed to exceeding your expectations.

Why Use an Experienced Travel Agent? The vast majority of consumers continues to book their cruises and vacations directly from an agent, the better question is, "Why not use a Travel Agent" A good travel agent can not only provide a client with the same great deals, but a good, experienced and travelled agent, is invaluable in making sure the client gets the vacation they truly wanted. Furthermore, they added personal service, personal attention, sage advice and travel tips. No wonder nearly 80% of all cruises, vacation packages, destination weddings, honeymoons, and group travel is made using an agent.

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